Monday, March 12, 2012

Getting closer to finishing ...

Today after a bit of a false start I got the outside vertical borders sewn on the A2 10-22 quilt which I want to finish by Wednesday at the latest. Below is a photo of the quilt thus far, with the outside horizontal borders ready to start on. I have used an old Army/Air Force green uniform as the background for the borders.

I had a helper today with the work on my quilt ... young Nelson, the miniature schnauzer who we are minding today. Sadly he was more interested in having a "sook" and laying on my lap than actually helping with the sewing!

Here's a photo of Nelson looking just so very gorgeous ...

I wonder if Nelson's parents would allow hubby and I to have week-end access to him? He is just such a lovely well-behaved funny dog and loves his pats and nurses on my lap - my kind of dog!

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Anonymous said...

That is some quilt. Are you making it for your husband?