Saturday, April 7, 2012

The A2 10-22 quilt is finished

It's hard to believe that it is nearly a month, yes, a whole month, since I finished this quilt. Since then I have not even touched the sewing machine, let alone sewn on it. This has been because of a combination of sheer exhaustion from working so hard on the quilt, plus developing chronic sinusitis and weekly medical appointments re my hand that is recovering from finger surgery in late January.

However, I digress. I finished the quilt on the morning of March 15 one day before the helicopter Dedication. I had to wait though to get a decent photo of the finished quilt as all of my photos were a little dark or did not show the whole quilt.

Drum roll ... here's the finished quilt called "One Hell of a Huey":

Photo courtesy of Chris Phillips




Jenny F said...

Well done Bern:)

waggonswest said...

This is a beautiful quilt. I love the details of the fabric and including the map.

Shirley said...

Shirley here, from Canada -- (Learningfa) What a wonderful undertaking Bern - You must be very proud.

I imagine those who received it will cherish it and it will be looked at by many people over the years.

Shirley Paterson