Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bowls with Borders quilt completed

I have just finished my Bowls with Borders quilt for the blog hop of the same name (see previous post). All I have to do now is to quilt it and sew a label on the back. I haven't as yet thought of a name for the quilt but was thinking of something along the lines of "Bowl 'Em". If anyone has any suggestions for names for the quilt, feel free to suggest them in the Comments section at the end of this post. I won't get a chance to make the label before Tuesday, since now the quilt is finished, the dreaded housework has to be done!

Here's a photo of my finished quilt, albeit taken just 30 minutes ago at 11.10pm and on my mobile (cell phone) so it's not the best!

Please forgive the darkness on the right-hand side of the photo as it is taken in my dining room and the light is not the best there. No matter how many times DH (dear husband) replaces the downlight near my sewing machine (I sew on my dining room table), it always goes out or is dim.

I haven't worked so late on a quilt in ages, mostly because I am normally relaxing in front of the television at this time of night or because of the poor light above my sewing machine in the dining room.

Now I will get back to the subject of my quilt! The story behind the quilt is that I mentioned that I was taking part in this blog to some friends. When I mentioned the bowls theme, one of them thought that it would have something to do with lawn bowls because my husband plays the game and I am Secretary of our local Social Bowls Club (I don’t play though). So I thought it would be fun to incorporate the two. The quilt is a bit quirky (and that's me all over) so I must admit to being reasonably happy with how it turned out.

It is my dear husband’s hand that is holding the lawn bowl and is about to bowl the bowls. If you look carefully at the lawn bowl, it is one of Barry’s new set of bowls, designed by him. They are purple (our signature colour) and of course, feature a Bundy bear (logo of Bundaberg rum which is the only alcohol that Barry drinks and he is “famous” for loving his Bundy. We also collect Bundaberg Rum merchandise, like mirrors, bar mats etc.
Last night I had done most of the appliqiue completed (except for the yellow bowls) and yet the quilt still looked like it needed something, like a point of reference, so I appliqued the shelf on. I then sewed on the cupboard (I like the asymmetrical shape of it), and the shelf of course needed some still life on it, hence the owl. The owl is actually a photo of one that I drew then appliqued on the chair quilt that I am making for myself. I figured rather than go searching for a photo of an owl, why not take one of this owl, so I did. I do so like my little owl who I think I will name either Ollie or Owliver.
Thnak-you so much to Carol for organising this blog hop. I wanted to take part because I liked the idea of a bowls quilt and had been thinking about making myself a kitchen quilt. I will hang this quilt on the door between the kitchen and the laundry (the laundry opens off of kitchen) so this quilt is just perfect.
I mentioned earlier that purple is the signature colour of my husband Barry and I. I have loved purple ever since having a crush on Donny Osmond when I was 11 or 12 and purple was Donny Osmond's favourite colour, so it became, and stayed, mine too! Luckily for me, DH also loves purple and we own a purple trike (3-wheeled motorcycle, in our case, a Raewaco trike) and we have owned a purple car. So that is why I chose to have purple and yellow bowls in this quilt. The purple and blue fabrics were all scraps left over from the quilt that I was working on (the one in which Ollie/Owliver features) so I thought that I would use them in this quilt.
I am so enjoying everyone's interpretations on this theme. I have chosen to make my blocks in applique as this is my preferred method to paper-piecing, although I do use that method for blocks such as New York Beauty blocks where that technique really comes in handy. Thanks to Carol and Regina who were happy for me to applique my bowls. I love brightly coloured crockery and that is all I buy, for my husband I. To me, bright colours bring happiness and life to a home.
However, once again, I digress. Here is the list of other bloggers who are joining me in the big reveal tomorrow (Australian time) on August 26:
I must admit that this day was easy for me to remember for my reveal, because it was my (dear departed) German grandfather's birthday, which falls exactly a week after my own. I so loved my dear German grandfather, so it is fitting that I reveal something of my creation on this day.

Bowls with Borders blog hop

I am thrilled to be taking part in the Bowls with Borders blog hop, kindly hosted by Carol from Just Let Me Quilt (love the name). Here's the link to her website: .

Oh and I do so love the logo for this blog hop:

I am due to reveal tomorrow, Sunday, August 26. I have finished my quilt top, now I just have to bind it. At the beginning of the week I found I had contracted pleurisy, just a mild case, thank heavens but I also came down with a migraine on Thursday, so that has held me up a bit. But all will be revealed later on!

I shall neglect the housework even more, neglect my poor husband a bit (although after several hours of fishing out near Bribie Island (Queensland, Australia) and having a boat breakdown, he has just arrived home, cleaned and gutted the fish, showered and now is watching rugby league on the television. The St Goerge Dragons are playing the New Zealand Warriors and it looks like I am in the throes of losing my third footy game this week-end (I could have more losses but I was sewing when the footy was on this afternoon, so wasn't watching it). I don't think my dear husband will notice me sewing too much. He is exhausted after doing a lot of unexpected rowing (something he has not done in years)!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Port Douglas

As I mentioned in my last post, hubby and I travelled up to Port Douglas in late June. Neither of us had ever been to Port Douglas before and we fell in love with it. Beautiful winter weather - short sleeves and virtually no humidity, as against the cold temps we were having down on the Sunshine Coast, in an unusually cold winter (for the coast), plus of course, the beautiful beaches and the rainforest.

To set the scene, here is a view from the lookout above town:

And here's another beach scene:

Here's someone with the best office in the world:

Port Douglas has been a town since 1877 and has a long history. Originally the centre of  timber-cutting, gold and cane-growing industries, the main industry now is tourism. The town is a charming little place and the gateway to the Daintree River. Here's a couple of great picture boards in ANZAC Park in the town centre: