Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bowls with Borders blog hop

I am thrilled to be taking part in the Bowls with Borders blog hop, kindly hosted by Carol from Just Let Me Quilt (love the name). Here's the link to her website: .

Oh and I do so love the logo for this blog hop:

I am due to reveal tomorrow, Sunday, August 26. I have finished my quilt top, now I just have to bind it. At the beginning of the week I found I had contracted pleurisy, just a mild case, thank heavens but I also came down with a migraine on Thursday, so that has held me up a bit. But all will be revealed later on!

I shall neglect the housework even more, neglect my poor husband a bit (although after several hours of fishing out near Bribie Island (Queensland, Australia) and having a boat breakdown, he has just arrived home, cleaned and gutted the fish, showered and now is watching rugby league on the television. The St Goerge Dragons are playing the New Zealand Warriors and it looks like I am in the throes of losing my third footy game this week-end (I could have more losses but I was sewing when the footy was on this afternoon, so wasn't watching it). I don't think my dear husband will notice me sewing too much. He is exhausted after doing a lot of unexpected rowing (something he has not done in years)!

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