Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update on A2 10-22 Iriquois commemorative quilt

Most of yesterday for an hour or so on and off, I spent ringing Barry (my husband, who was on his way to Kilcoy) checking one detail after another, because once something is printed out it has to be accurate. I was working on making up a timeline (which did not exist) of the Restoration Project and on typing up, then re-writing/ updating a bit of the history of the A2 10-22 helicopter (the original of which had been supplied to me). Plus at $4-$5 a sheet, the photo printing fabric is not cheap. So far I have used about $50 worth of these sheets.
Original layout of the photos surrounding the Iriquois helicopters on the tarmac at Nui Dat, Vietnam 1966

Today was spent sewing additional frames to the top and bottom of the central photo of the Hueys (Iriquois) to extend the vertical side length of the picture (so that all of the photos and text sections would fit down those sides). Then I was measuring, re-measuring and measuring again the photos to go around the central picture.

I have decided that quiltmaking is not just about the designing of the quilt and the sewing but so much more than I had expected about the maths and making sure I am accurate (the area where I tend to make the most mistakes ... vbg ... ).

Today I will sew the one finished right-hand side (see photo above ) on to the central picture then work on sewing together the left-hand side. More measuring and trimming of photos.


Delia (Del) said...

Hi Bern
This looks fantastic.
I am sorry I have not been doing the blogs so missed this post.
I have been so slack the last 6 months but if you would like a hand in the next few days let me know.

carolyndawn said...

Amazing Bern. Absolutely amazing.

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