Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy New Year and first finish!

Happy New Year everyone! Let's hope everyone has a great year this year. Last year was one tinged with sadness for hubby and I. We bid farewell to two good friends - both entering the next life due to that devil of an illness - cancer. RIP Joy and Geoffrey ...

I have completed my first finish of the year! I have finally finished the second of the two mug mats which I made for a swap in the MA online group of friends which I am part of. Actually I finshed it over nearly two weeks ago now (just have not had much time to blog ... ) and it (hopefully) should have arrived at Bonnie Jo's home by now (although poor Bonnie Jo is not well at the moment).

This is a photo of the completed mug mat:

This is only the second mug mat that I have made. I used the tutorial featured on this website:

I do so love anything circular so the starburst design really suited me. I used an old facewasher (flannel I think Americans call them) as my batting as I thought that would be more absorbent. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. Bonnie had asked for bright colours which suits me down to the ground since I just love bright, happy colours.

I actually made two mug mats for Bonnie and I was certain that I had taken photos of the first one, but now that I need it to post on this blog, alas I cannot find it. I shall have to ask Bonnie to E-mail me a photo of that mat when she is better. For that first mat I simply used to very bright orphan blocks, which were tilted squares.

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Delia (Del) said...

I love it Bern. Christmas 2010 I made all our gurests 21 of them a Mug rug. They are such nice little gifts.