Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Australia Day!

Hubby and I have just come back from lunch with other Veterans and their wives up at the Caloundra RSL. Normally we have our Australia Day celebrations down at Bells Creek (which flows into Pumicestone Passage) but the parks down there are waterlogged after all the rainfall that we have had in the past few days, hence the change in venue. Sadly our annual thong-throwing competition was unable to be held this year. That's the footwear thong, not the underwear thong! There has been lots of conversation on one of my online quilting groups about Aussies getting strange looks when visiting the US when they mention thong-throwing over there!

We are so very lucky to be living in Australia. Even though there are many things that I would change about the country were I Prime Minister, there are so many positives about our country that far outweigh the negatives so I still believe that we are still "the Lucky Country".

Here's some photos of our very beautiful country taken on various trips around Australia:

Hubby and I up near Cape York several years ago

Flying over the northern coast of Queensland

Magnetic Island, off the coast at Tonwsville, Queensland

A friendly little rock wallaby on Magnetic Island


LuAnn Kessi said...

Bern has left a new comment on your post "Gunnr.......Surgery":

I'm so sorry about what has happened to Gunnr - he looks like suuch a sweet dog!

What will be done to help him walk on the affected foot? Or will the poor thing have to limp along?

Please keep us all updated as to his progress. Thanks ...

Hi Bern,
Thank you for your concern about Gunnr. The vet tells us he will fully recover in a few weeks and run like the wind again!
Gunnr has given us so much joy and makes us laugh and smile each and every day. Caring for him now is little repayment for all that he adds to our lives.
My Best To You,
May Your Bobbin Always Be Full

Beverly said...

What a great project! from Beverly LearningFa