Friday, May 27, 2011

Out of Africa quilt

I thought that I would showcase one of my older quilts, "Out of Africa" which I started circa 2000 and finished in 2007. At the moment I cannot think why it took so long to finish the quilt but probably work, a long illness and moving house a couple of times had something to do with it!

I have long had a love affair with African animals, especially lions (I'm a Leo) and elephants. As my stepdaughter Anne-Marie, loves tigers I decided to make a quilt for her which is virtually identical to my Out of Afica quilt except that hers has photos of tigers in all of the windows, where I have all sorts of different animals in the windows in my quilt. Note to self: ask Anne-Marie to take a photo of the tiger quilt that I made for her.

When I was making my Out of Africa quilt I had a large selection of fabrics to choose from (some of my friends say that I have enough fabric to open up a quilt shop but then, they are not quilters and do not realise that one can never have enough fabric ... vbg ... )! I wanted my windows to include different animals but looking at the quilt now I missed out on adding in a lion - something which I must rectify. Maybe I could applique a lion on the bottom right hand corner looking up at the rest of the animals ...

I do so love prints that remind me of Africa so I had a great time playing with fabric and fussy-cutting the elephant, giraffe and other animals. One thing I learned from another quilter years ago was to make my quilt backs related to my quilt fronts so have a look at my quilt label and the backing fabric below. Don't you just love the backing fabric?

I have decided to enter my Out of Africa quilt in the weekly quilt contest at this website: . Do go and have a look at the quilts entered in this competition. I love looking at other people's work and deciding whose quilt I am going to vote for and then I go and have some fun surfing some blogs designed by the entrants in the competition.


Delia (Del) said...

Looks great Bern

Quiltbenaco said...

Mi piace proprio tanto!!!!

Julie Fukuda said...

I love to see what comes up in the weekly theme contests. Yours is great.

Rayna said...

Bern, I'll check out the dropdown list and let you know. you can find my e-mail on my blog - why don't you email me so I have your address and we can talk off-list?

Rayna said...

Bern -- you were clicking on the example, which I have removed because it confused you. YOu need to click on the "buy now" button and the rest will be easy. I have rewritten my instructions so they are clearer.