Monday, May 23, 2011

Challenging Ourselves challenge quilt

I am way overdue with starting this challenge quilt but ... life is like that sometimes! Now that I have gotten to the stage of sewing the binding on my Birdsville quilt I can allow myself to work on this challenge.

My aim is to make a scrappy quilt using the colours for Challenge No. 5 which were orange, blue and purple. Guess who set the colours for this challenge? Moi! I love happy colours and my favourite colours just happen to be purple, orange and blue.

I have long been interested in all things Celtic and so I decided that I wanted to include Celtic sympbols in this quilt, which is to be an armchair quilt (which I irreverently am calling a "bum" quilt because that is what it is for ... to sit my tush on)! So I have been having lots of fun checking out websites featuring Celtic symbols and have just discovered that there is a Celtic astrology which I did not know about.

I have been busy cutting out fabrics and it is exciting to be cutting into my "holy" fabrics - you know those precious fabrics that you collect for a special project... Well, this quilt is going to be a special project and I am happily going down memory lane as I cut into these fabrics, remembering where I bought them (several from my travels to New Zealand) and what other quilts I have used the fabrics in, already.

Here are some photos of my holy fabrics and the strips cut up ready to sew.


Ozjane said...

Thanks for your visit......I love those bright colors.
Moggie 4 is delightful and will drive me demented I am sure.

Anonymous said...

I love your colors...will look forward to seeing the finished project! My Best, joni