Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Four-legged humans

Since I haven't done a lot of sewing of late I thought that I would post a message showing some  of the dogs that I mind (I work part-time as a dog minder for a wonderful company called Don't Fret Pet!). So below you will see photos of some of the four-legged humans I have been minding. Hubby and I just love our canine guests but I must admit I am still not ready to have another new "baby" since the passing of dear little Minnie (who is the spoilt dog in Spoilt Dog Quilts) three years ago. So ... meet Nelson, the miniature schnauzer who belongs to good friends of ours in our neighbourhood, Phoenix a Belgian shepherd and Roxy who is a Shetland sheepdog and who comes on holidays to our place a couple of times each year (and bonus ... her Mum Carol is a quilter as well ... ). Enjoy ... !

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