Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Update on the Birdsville quilt & glasses' cases

I thought that I would post an update on my Birdsville quilt. I have re-sewn the mini landscapes back on to the larger landscape. I had re-framed the photo looking out of the aeroplane window with cream fabric (right-hand sie of quilt, second block down) rather than black which I think looks much better. I have started sewing the quilt label strip on the back but I am toying with taking this off, ripping off the pictures (leftover from the main part of the quilt and also things to do with my time in Birdsville) and re-sewing them on to a new label strip.

I had put a false back on the back of the quilt when I originally finished it but that false back was a patchwork-print of green, red and cream hence I appliqued the quilt label etc on to the label panel in a variegated thread with those three colours in it. Now that I have decided to stay with the original backing (Aboriginal prints but not featuring green, red or cream) I think that the stitch colour which I had sewn the quilt label on, looks at odds with the background fabric and the Aboriginal prints. If I were to put the quilt in a show, then I think that I would be better off ripping off the label panel and re-sewing the label etc on with a neutral thread. Let me know what you think please ...

The last photo is a picture of the glasses' cases that I am making for my RSL Women's Auxiliary annual reunion next week. I offered to make the table prizes some months ago but am just getting to them now. I have to make 40 of the cases but it is fun making them as I get to remember the quilts that I have made with the scraps that I am using.


Delia (Del) said...
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Delia (Del) said...

Bern it is looking really great and the cream is much nicer then the black. It works well.
The glasses cases look very nice.