Thursday, February 19, 2009

First ever Variety Ride 4 Kids

On 7 & 8 February, hubby, Barry and I took part in the first ever annual Variety Ride 4 Kids. This was run by the Variety Club, which as many people know, is the children's charity. It was great to be out on our wonderful purple trike again for a long ride. Barry uses the trike regularly for his normal mode of transport and I drive our car, so I don't often hit the road with him.

We set off from Macdonald's restaurant at Caboolture, riding through the Sunshine Coast hinterland and then overnighted at Peregian Beach on the coast. The ride was extremely well organised, in fact the most-well organised that we have ever been on. Whenever we stopped, we were given the next set of written directions in terms of turns etc, because with something like 40+ motorbikes (with many riders not being locals) and about 10 support vehicles, somebody is bound to get lost. Suffice to say, that was Barry and I, mainly because we missed a turn-off somehow and the directions, which I had folded up and put in my bike vest, would fly out.

One of the other support riders was trying to get my attention on the back of the trike but, I just so happened to have nodded off to sleep, so he gave up on us! So it was just as well that we were locals, so we were able to help another couple who had also lost the main pack, to find their way to our night's accommodation.

The next day we headed off earlyish (would have loved a sleep-in after a rough night in a very cold room - the air-con was freezing but it was too hot to turn it off and you couldn't adjust it) for more of the open road. We basically rode from Peregian Beach back up into the hinterland again, ending up back at Beerwah Golf Club for lunch and the presentations.

What was astounding was that $10 100.00 was raised throughout the whole week-end, through the fees that riders and their pillions had to pay, by raffles and an auction of various goods, so that was just wonderful!

All of the funds raised will go to helping disabled children in the south-east corner of Queensland, providing equipment such as wheelchairs, computers etc for them, which the government often refuse to provide funding for and which their parents can ill-afford. The children and their families are always so touched and humbled by the help that they receive from Variety, that it does bring a tear to one's eyes.

Sadly, it was on the Sunday of the ride that we all read about the tragic bushfires down south, with the newspaper headlines showing the devastation caused. At least we, the riders and pillions that took part in the Ride 4 Kids were able to bring a bit of happiness to a few children's lives up here in Queensland.

Key to photographs (going down the page):

  • Hubby Barry and I on our trike

  • My view of the road ahead

  • Mt Mee look-out, our first stop on the Saturday

  • Mt Coolum

  • Sugarcane growing near Mt Coolum

  • Cows feeding opposite the Mt Mee look-out


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You certainly lead an interesting life!

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