Thursday, February 19, 2009

Australian Bushfires

I haven't wanted to post too much in the past week or so before I posted something about the bushfires down south in Victoria. The last news broadcast that I heard said that 200 people had perished, which is just so sad.

Thankfully as Australians have done for generations, everyone is pulling together and the disaster relief is forging ahead with much-needed funds being donated. Many of my online quilting groups are running quilt drives as is one of our local quilt shops, Kawana Sewing Centre and I am going to donate some quilt batting when I get a chance to get up to that store.

So many positive stories have come out of this disaster but I did want to post a picture of Sam, the koala, whose photo has been sent around the world. This is a link to the website that has been set up to help Sam and other wildlife:

Here is a photo of Sam:

Just when I think I have remembered everything that I wanted to write in the blog, I remember something else. Someone on one of my Internet quilting groups posted this website about a gallery and garden that had been badly damaged in the fires around Marysville. I had never heard of Bruno's Art and Scupture Garden before but this website shows you just what the garden looked like before the fires:

Here is a photograph of one of the sculptures:

As you can see the sculptures are just stunning! Bruno and his family are going to be working hard at restoring the garden to its original state but no doubt would appreciate support in doing so.

Someone else in one of my Internet quilting groups someone had posted this poem and I thought that it summed up a lot of people's feelings when they look at the countryside around them:

"And Black Is All I See" Written by Mike Claridge of Ararat Victoria.

Where green and gold once cloaked the land

Where eucalypt and pine did stand

Where man did live and lay his hand

Now black is all I see

Where horses grazed and cattle drank

Where grasses lined the river bank

Where stood a house and water tank

Now black is all I see

There was a town with store and hall

Which proudly stood 'neath ridges tall

Now nothing moves or lives at all

And black is all I see

There stood a home and there another

Where lived a daughter, father , mother

A sister, cousin, niece or brother

Now black is all I see

Our nation grieves and holds them tight

Throughout the darkness of the night

Till daybreak brings an ashy light

And black is all I see

"Poor fella, my country"

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