Friday, January 25, 2013

No longer an Aussie Hero quilt "virgin"

This post is way way overdue. I blame all the business of November - Remembrance Day and poppy selling for our local Returned Services League (RSL) then the madness of December and Christmas parties galore.

Here finally is my very first Aussie Hero Quilt, made for a sailor on the HMAS ANZAC. I can't reveal his name, for obvious reasons, but I do hope that he enjoyed the quilt I made for him, below. The Aussie Hero Quilt Friends make quilts and laundry bags to send to our wonderful troops overseas as well as to Wounded Warriors. With my husband a Vietnam Veteran, I just had to make a quilt. Now that I have my first Aussie Hero quilt "under my belt" I am no long an AH "virgin". I had been hoping to make another quilt by the end of this month but fate has intervened. I'm now planning on making some blocks to be sent south to be made up in to more Aussie Hero quilts, rather than attempting another one by myself, at least for the next month or two. Here's the Aussie Hero quilt blog address if anyone wants to pop over and have a look: .

The pieced blocks are actually orphan blocks from a quilt that I made for my dear mother-in-law Iris. She loved the Australian food fabric in the centre of the log cabin blocks and so I made a quilt for her many years ago. I had intended to make an apron or some such thing with the leftover blocks but when  was tidying my sewing room (something that doesn't often happen, sad to say) I came across these leftover blocks and thought that "my" allotted sailor would appreciate the blocks even more than I would like an apron made with them.


Debbie Buckland said...

Nice quilt. Love the big flag. Well done.
I haven't done one of those quilts and may never. All my family that has either been in any war are long gone. So I have no need to make one.

Mary said...

What a beautiful tribute!

Ale jc said...

HI, dont see any button for Amy Bradley hop..perhaps we made an error....our apologies

Gmama Jane said...

Hmmm??? Weren't you signed up for the "It's all about me" Blog Hop??? Looking for you!
Gmama Jane

Ale jc said...

YOU are not here...did you drop out..I can
t seem to remember???

Ozjane said...

well done......I would presume you have one happy sailor.

Unknown said...

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