Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wounded finger and Leafs me happy blog hop schedule

I must apologise to the organiser of this blog hop as I have not been posting the links every day to the Leafs me happy other bloggers. But I do have a good excuse. In June of last year - 15 months ago - I tripped over a dog mat and broke three fingers and more bones in my right hand. Just under 3 weeks ago now I had the third operation on the most badly broken finger (third finger - the one that you use so often) and I am supposed to have that hand up in a sling 99% of the time. This operation was to release the tendons in that finger as they had contracted a lot, keeping the finger bent at a sharp angle and curling under the other fingers. I am technically left-handed but am way way way more right-handed.

It is very difficult to do things one-handed hence my lack of posting the links to the other bloggers taking part in this blog hop.

To put things into perspective though, when I broke my hand so badly, whilst this hand-healing journey has been very difficult, I still have my hand and I don't have a life-threatening illness. I happened to be reading a very interesting book at the time of my accident called "No Time for Fear" by a fellow Australian, Paul de Gelder. Paul was an Australian Navy Clearance diver who was attacked by a shark in Sydney Harbour a couple of years ago, whilst on a training exercise. Some would liken Navy clearance divers to US Seals ...  Paul wasn't actually supposed to be in the water at the time he was - he was helping out another diver. The shark attack caused Paul to have one of his arms and legs amputated and dramatically changed his life.

Paul is a very inspirational young man and I would recommend you read his book. It has recently been published in the US and is also available around the world. Here's a link to his website: . Paul is one tough cookie. Plus with my husband being a Vietnam Veteran and ex-service, there is that link to a fellow ex-serviceperson ...

So you see, I have nothing to really complain about (well I do tell my hand and finger that is "stupid" sometimes because it just won't do what I want it to do). Reading Paul's book put the whole accident into perspective for me. One has to be grateful for what one has. Plus I do have a very supportive husband. He doesn't do everything for me (partlly because I don't ask for much help and he is a make and a husband - vbg - and so does not see the help I need sometimes ... ) but he is there.

So here are the links to the other bloggers taking part:

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